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How to create a custom graphic for a blog post  using Canva,com via

All around the interwebs lately I’ve had clients and colleagues ask me how they go about creating a custom graphic for their blog posts.

Are you curious why adding an image to your blog post or on social media is a savvy online move? I’ve outlined my top five reasons here:

  1. Bigger engagement – it’s true. Your followers or users are much more inclined to engage with you when there is an image attached to your post. I’ve personally seen at least a 5x increase in engagement when I share a an image compared to sharing a text only post.
  2. You can create an emotional connection — you know the adage, “A Picture is Worth 100 Words”? There’s truth in that.
  3. It builds a stronger visual component and breaks up heavy amounts of text content on a page. Your reader will appreciate you so much more :)
  4. You can improve your SEO by adding appropriate descriptions & tags and make it easy for social media sites to index your image.
  5. It can build your brand awareness – by choosing the same brand elements to add to your blog post images, you’ll be further helping people recognize your brand when they see it online.

I’ve created a video tutorial to walk you through how I’ve started to use Canva for my Instagram followers. I’ll also show you how I’ve created the blog post image you see at the top of this post!


A New and FREE E-course just for you :)

Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Difficult Client Conversations by

Hello Beautiful!

February is here and I’ve been in full on creation mode since January began. I’m hoping you’ve been nourishing your own creative inner self too!

I’ve just finished an intensive weekend course called Pattern Camp by Jessica Swift. I loved every second of learning new things. Being a student again took me back to thinking about when I was a teacher myself. I educated young minds here in Nova Scotia for ten years. I loved every second of it.

I’m certain that’s why I’m so excited about a new e-course I’ve developed with my very good friend and colleague Jac McNeil. I’m creating curriculum again and figuring out the best ways to meet our outcomes. PLUS, I doing this for my favorite students — you!


This is a free e-course we created to showcase our new collaboration, THE COMMUNICATION KIT.

A couple of weeks ago I emailed the kit to a couple of people to beta test it. The response was overwhelming.

We wish (and hope) that all our clients and business relationships are perfect…but the reality is, difficult conversations come up more than we expect. Dealing with awkward conversations is the most stressful part of working for myself and it often makes me want to just throw in the towel.

The Communication Kit changes that. Instead of having to stress about how to fire a client (because yes, as much as I hate it, sometimes it needs to happen!) or feeling obligated to say yes to every demand that comes my way…I now feel like I can just flip open this kit, check out the examples and send off an email without losing a night’s sleep. And trust me, in the past I have lost many nights’ sleep. This guide makes even the most awkward situations seem simple to navigate, with incredibly helpful scripts, and the ‘why’ behind it all for extra reassurance. It gives me the piece of mind knowing what I say won’t be taken the wrong way, make me look bad, or make the situation worse.

Setting boundaries is hard enough, finding a way to stick to them when things get complicated is even harder. The Communication Kit makes it easy and in my opinion, is a must-have resource for any solopreneur.

– Leah Kalamakis


This is not your basic how-to. Krista and Jac give us the full story, the bird’s eye view, the evolution of each conversation, the what-ifs, why it works and how to work it. Nothing is left unsaid.

What I love most are the scripts – actual illustrations of how to put the best practices into words and emails – with enough guidance to make them your own. There is an immense amount of thought put into this guide: it’s clear, kind, encouraging, and indispensible!

– Kate Bonnycastle

I’d LOVE to share our free e-course with each of you too.

If you clickety-click-click on the image below, you’ll be taken to our signup page! It’s starting on Wednesday. If you happen to have any other amazing women entrepreneurs in your life who you think could also benefit, I’d be super appreciative if you’d share it with them too. We want to reach as many women as possible — to show them it IS possible to learn how to face the hard-to-have conversations in your business with honesty and grace.

Sign up for The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Difficult Client Conversations - A FREE ECOURSE by Krista Smith and Jac McNeil via TheCommunicationKit.comWon’t you join me?

Oh, and just in case you’ve already signed up to receive early updates from The Communication Kit, you’ll already be on the list and can expect the FREE e-course to land in your inbox on Wednesday :)


It’s a time of new beginnings. New ideas. Dreams. Plans.

As we enter into 2015, I’m so excited for what’s possible. I had amazing feedback from you last month with the wallpaper screensavers I created for you!

I was inspired this morning to create three more choices for you for January. Here’s my favorite on my iPad:

January 2015 Wallpaper by

Enjoy & please share with your friends!

All you need to do is click on the one you’d like to download (it’ll open in a new window), then simply right click, save as, and then download to your device. Once it’s saved, go into your screen saver settings to upload your choice! If you need instructions on how to install and resize it to fit your device you can watch the how to video in my December post HERE.



January 2015 Wallpaper for your Mobile Device created by

This will be my Year, mobile device.

January 2015 Wallpaper for your Laptop or Desktop Computer created by

This will be my Year, laptop or desktop computer.

Trust Yourself Beautiful, You've Got This Wallpaper for your Mobile Device by

Trust Yourself Beautiful, You’ve Got This, mobile device.

Trust Yourself Beautiful, You've Got This Wallpaper for your Laptop or Desktop Computer by

Trust Yourself Beautiful, You’ve Got This, laptop or desktop computer.

You are Worth it ALL screensaver wallpaper by

You are worth it all, mobile device.

You are Worth it ALL screensaver wallpaper for laptop or desktop computer by

You are worth it all, laptop or desktop computer.

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