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A Digital DNA Design for Insightful Gail Gaspar

Gail-Gaspar,-Digital-DNAToday I have the privilege of introducing you to Gail Gaspar.

Gail is a co-active coach who helps her clients create the lifestyle they crave in the “next-stage” of their lives. Through her own eye-opening transformation, she designed a process of Leading True that enables her clients to navigate business building and career changes with a fulfilling lifestyle outcome in mind.

Gail fully believes it is possible to reinvent yourself with a renewed sense of purpose at any stage of life. Don’t you just love that?

Let’s meet Gail and get inspired:

What’s the best way to bottom line what you do?

I help small business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches step in to purpose-driven career roles for more freedom, impact and revenue.

Let’s pretend we just met on the sidewalk and both of us are free for the afternoon [yes!]. Where would you suggest we go for our first in-real-life conversation?

I would suggest we take a walk along the beautiful natural path and flowing river near my home.

How do you describe your work?

Co-creator for next-stage, authentic career, lifestyle and leadership success.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone understood about what you do?

That we’re not meant to go it alone. That continuing to create challenge, meaning and revenue beyond what we think is possible, is done very efficiently and enjoyably in partnership.

What’s your favourite place to hangout online right now? Why?

My favorite place to hang out online now is on Facebook. I’m an extravert who loves being engaged with and making connections among people I know and like. I particularly like the humor, stories, links and support on Facebook.

Close your eyes and think back to your old website. What do you remember?

I remember that my site felt outdated. Was no longer in alignment with my ideals, energy, creativity, voice. The content felt crowded. It did not clearly state what was offered and how easy it is to get started, take intentional action with compassion, and not go it alone with coaching.

How is your new website iteration reflective of the work you do? invites the reader to explore the site through the use of original photographs and crafted content. From color selection to page layout, from ease of navigation to free resources, it’s a freedom-call to action and partnership that those who are ready for a purpose-driven path will recognize and pursue.

What kinds of compliments have you received about your new web design?

I’ve received so many compliments on the new site including spacious, wise, calming, clear message, generous, inspiring, beautiful to look at, easy to navigate.

What’s one thing you discovered about web strategy/web design/personal branding/technology from working with Krista?

It doesn’t have to be hard! It can be an enjoyable, collaborative learning process.

What do you now know for sure?

I know now that having a site that’s current and in alignment with my message and services is a vital element of my business. Wish I’d done this sooner!

Here’s a screenshot of Gail’s new online home: 2014-10-29 16-02-38 2014-10-29 16-03-19To visit Gail’s site, please click HERE.

In the comments, both Gail and I would LOVE to hear about what you think of her new online home and her amazing work.


Clear step by step techniques for addressing sticky situations in your business. Including easy to follow frameworks, effective scripts, and best practices for navigating those bumpy business relationships..

I want to live in a world where women entrepreneurs can communicate their needs, wants, and desires from a place of courage, truth, and integrity.

Every day.

Without worrying that she will hurt someone’s feelings. Without fear of disappointing someone. Without thinking about how the tone of her email might be misconstrued. Without thinking that a no might effect further referrals. Without worrying about the implications of a relationship that isn’t working for her with a client who is really well connected in her industry.

I want the women entrepreneurs I know and love to stop biting the bullet and persevering anyway, to stop being the martyr and suffering through it, and to quit worrying that it will hurt your reputation if you lay claim to what you want and need.

I want you to know and understand there is a way to step into effective communication and not have those worst case scenarios impact you or your bottom line.

Jac McNeil and Krista SmithMy very good friend and colleague, Jac McNeil, and I have been hard at work behind the scenes over the past six months developing THE COMMUNICATION KIT. It was born out of our desire to bring to the forefront the skills we’ve been using successfully in our businesses for years while supporting our clients. This downloadable self guided resource kit will include six stand alone modules dedicated to the common sticky situations in your business. We’ve included easy to follow frameworks, effective scripts, best practices, and practical applications for navigating those bumpy business relationships. It’s the answer you’ve been waiting for.

We’re so very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you. If you’d like to get all the details, please pop over to our Communication Kit launch page and leave your email. You’ll be the first to receive the details as soon as it’s ready for you!

xo, K

Today I’d like to introduce you to Monica Faux-Kota.Monica Faux-Kota, by Krista Smith

Monica is a soul-sister. She’s equal parts intuitive, compassionate, genuine, and nurturing. Her web design journey took a little longer than most of my clients. She came to me looking for a dream site for her massage therapy practice. The certifications, courses, and creds Monica has under her belt combined with her passion for supporting women on their journey makes her speciality in empowering women to be the best they can be a perfect fit for her loving personality.

One of the things I’ve come to love about working with Monica is that she never stops learning and seeking what will support and serve her clients. So, half way through our build, she found an incredible coaching course she wanted to take. Her intention is always to support her clients even further on their journey to thriving. Naturally we pressed pause as she undertook and completed her training.

The result? A very clear and rich home online where her essence can be felt from either of her two free opt-in gifts (if you’re one of my readers, you HAVE to sign up for her list to receive her free guide for nurturing, self-care. It’s what every woman should be doing, but most of us don’t!).

She’s at the beginning of unveiling her Conscious Mother’s Movement. If you’re a mom and would like to connect with your children on a different level, she has another free gift for you. Heart Love is Monica’s unique process for connecting to your child in way that’s both deep and meaningful.

Monica is a beautiful person — inside and out. I know you’ll love her as much as I do.

What’s the best way to bottom line what you do?

I encourage women to thrive using massage therapy, quality of life coaching and empowerment advocacy as my primary tools.

Let’s pretend we just met on the sidewalk and both of us are free for the afternoon [yes!]. Where would you suggest we go for our first in-real-life conversation?

Well, I would offer you a massage and if you were interested we would go to my lovely studio, chat a little, and then you would commune with your soul on my table while I relieved your stress and rejuvenated your body.

If conversation came up we would talk, otherwise I would let you have your nurturing experience. A lot of real-life-conversation happens, silently, during a massage. A connection occurs that is almost wordless and a foundation of trust is established.

Afterwards I would send you on your way to continue enjoying the bliss you are feeling. I would check back in with you a couple of days later to see how you are doing, and hopefully we would become friends and our conversations would continue from there.

If a massage did not interest you I would suggest a walk in a near by park or, if time permitted, we would head to one of my favorite trails up a near by canyon. And, if that did not interest you we would grab coffee or tea and chat each other up for a bit.

How do you describe your work?

Supportive and nurturing of ones essence.

Massage is an opportunity for my clients to check-out, tune-in and connect deeply with their innermost self. A lot of mental clarity, soul rejuvenation, and relief from muscle soreness can be gained along with calming the nervous system and flushing stress response chemicals that our body tends to store – which ultimately causes chronic pain and disease. Massage is an exceptional form of nurturing self-care and the foundation of optimal health and well-being.

My quality of life coaching and empowerment advocacy encourages my clients to explore their potential, embrace their power and transform their inhibitions so that they can thrive in all aspects of life. When women thrive the possibilities are endless for themselves and everyone that they love.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone understood about what you do?

I firmly believe that when we invest in bettering ourselves we not only live life more fully but we allow others to do the same. Through self-exploration and nurturing self-care we unbind our essence, break negative family cycles, and set the foundation for generating legacies of integrity.

Investing in self-care becomes a generational gift with immediate positive gain for an individual and their family.

My work is about creating a better society to live in. When women are nurtured, supported, and encouraged they thrive in their power and children witness their mothers, or other female examples, fully engaged in their love, joy, creativity, compassion and courage.

When women thrive society becomes a safer place to experience the beauty of life.

What’s your favourite place to hangout online right now? Why?

Geez – I have yet to have enough time to really explore that – being online is not a favorite thing of mine, and lately my on-line time has been invested in this process of getting my website home up and running. That said, I have loved this process so, right now, my favorite online place to hangout is with Krista co-creating my online image.

Close your eyes and think back to your old website. What do you remember?

I don’t have a personal, old website but I do have 2 websites that I have co-created for other business ventures. One has been completely transformed from its original version and is now great. The other is exactly the same as it ever was and serves its purpose fine. However, I LOVE my website MUCH more than either of those!

How is your new website iteration reflective of the work you do?

My website is beautiful, inspiring and authentic – invoking my readers soul. It follows a process for generating new clients and encouraging income flow while also being very easy to navigate. I think my website reflects me and my approach to doing business which is purposeful, generous, and sincere.

What kinds of compliments have you received about your new web design?

I have not allowed many people to see my site as it has been being built. My husband thinks it is incredible and he is educated and opinionated when it comes to things like personal branding and websites. I will have to come back to this question once I launch and hear what people think.

What’s one thing you discovered about web strategy/web design/personal branding/technology from working with Krista?

I discovered that Krista knows her stuff and keeps it simple for people like me. I discovered that when someone is invested in your process the way that Krista is it relieves one from having to be concerned about strategy, design, branding and technology. Krista has made this process so easy, so soulful, and along the way I have seen how she pulls things together in a way that is meaningful, creative and also full of strategy, branding and that techie stuff that I avoid.

What do you now know for sure?

That I am 100% satisfied with my online home and so eager and excited for this next chapter in my life. Without hesitation I can highly recommend Krista for website design and personal branding. Working with her was like having a best friend, one who has got your back, doing all the hard, technical work that is foreign to me while also provoking deep content from my soul. She is brilliant, funny, easy and I hope we remain friends because I will miss our co-creating venture and her as I move forward.

Here’s a screenshot of Monica’s new online home:

Monica Faux Kota, by Krista Smith


Monica Faux Kota by Krista Smith, inner


To visit Monica’s site, please go HERE.

In the comments, both Monica and I would LOVE to hear about what you think her new online home or her amazing work.

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